The Colosseum, Rome


TECHNOLOGY: Laser scanner CUSTOMER: Poleis soietà cooperativa arl YEAR: 2017 Surveys and drawings of Roman Colosseum’s arena and hypogeum carried on within the project: Major projects of Ministry of Cultural Heritage, Colosseum (1st lot). Surveying, archeological excavation and additional [...]

Greek-Roman Theatre, Catania, Sicily


TECHNOLOGY:Laser scanner YEAR: 2015 (Completato) Architectural and archaeological survey of the GREEK-ROMAN THEATRE in Catania, Sicily, as part of the PO FESR SICILIA 2007-2013 project, aiming at preserving and making available to the public the Odeon and the Thermal Baths of [...]

Siena Walls


TECHNOLOGY: Laser scanning, GPS, drone, digital camera YEAR: 2016 CONTRACTING AUTHORITY: Siena Municipality PERFORMED IN COLLABORATION WITH:IKARE Firenze (drone survey)3D survey of a section of Siena walls, starting from Pispini to Ovile Gate. We have performed a laser scanning survey, [...]

Hotel Crillon, Paris


 Scanner Laser CUSTOMER:
 M.A.S., Paris Affine design-Paris 
 2013 Scanner laser survey of the stairs at the first floor and of the two monumental staircases connecting the upper floors. 1:20 scale plans and internal elevations of halls and structures which have [...]

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